It Had To Happen At Some Point... Again

11 October
Ok well my name's Melyssa... just here for fun && friends... have an account @@ Fanfic.net... http://www.fanfiction.net/~irishboysarehott check it out if you want to...

So my name's Melyssa Marie... that's Melyssa with a Y not an I.

My brithday is on October 11, 1986... same day as Sean Patrick Flanery Connor BDS (How awesome is that?!?! LoL)

Boondock Saints && Band Of Brothers are my main obsessions right now have been for quite sometime now... who can blame a grl for that? oh and I can't forget David Wright... 3rd Baseman for The Mets. Huge fan of Band Of Brothers. It was one of the main reasons why I wanted to be a history professor and concentrate on WWII... but then I realized... I can't stand kids lol but who knows when I get my BA in Sports Management I might end up teaching instead HaHa.

College is my life right now sadly I live and breath my major (ONLY 3 MORE WEEKS IN THE TRIMESTER BEFORE FINALS THEN THANKSGIVING BREAK... THEN SADLY I START NEW CLASS AND A NEW TRI!) I'm majoring in Sports, Event, Entertainment Management ... I want to specifically go into the sports field, possibly do some PR for The New York Mets even though I have a part time job with The Boston Red Sox (HELLO WORLD SERIES HERE WE COME!! THANKS TO JD DREW && BIG PAPI) when I'm at school.

Ive met and keep in touch with Jonathan Tucker Tommy Donnelly frm TBD. Total sweetheart (don't believe when ppl say he's an asshole)

So please feel free to msg me for any reason. Feel free to check out my myspace page talk to you soon :D